Waves provides easy issuing of SSL certificates with your  AWS account.

First go to the environment you want to add SSL, go to the Servers tab and make sure you have the load balancer activated.

Load balancer is required because the certificate will be installed there and not in your instances.

Once the load balancer is activated you will see the certificates select list. Only issued certificates will appear here.

To create a certificate, click on the "my certificates" button to go to the certificates panel. Then go to create certificate.

On domains add a list of domains that will use this certificates. Use an asterisk (*) to request a wildcard certificate to protect several sites in the same domain. For example: *.example.com protects www.example.com, site.example.com and images.example.com but it doesn't protect example.com.

Under validation method we have two options:

Email option is the fastest way, but make sure you have access to the emails specified on the whois information or admin@yourdomain.com.

If you don't have access to the email you can select DNS.

Then go to Create certificate.

If you selected email check your inbox and follow the instructions on the email you received, then your certificate will be issued.

If you selected DNS, create the DNS records specified. Note that if you are requesting a certificate for a subdomain, you must include it in the record name (as specified in Waves). DNS validation usually takes about 10 minutes, if your validation is taking more than expected check if you are creating the record correctly.

Once your certificate is issued, go back to your environment and select that certificate from the list.

Automatic redirection form http to https will not be done, make sure you include a code that redirects users to the correct url.

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