To connect your AWS account to Waves Hosting you'll need to create an IAM user with Programmatic access and Administrator Access policy and set the credentials of this user in the Settings section.

Creating an AWS user

To create this user you'll need to login into your AWS account (click here).

Once inside the dashboard search for IAM, as in the image below:

You can also enter the IAM dashboard by clicking the image.

Now you have to click "Users" on the side-menu and press "Add user" .

Give the user the name you want, check "Programmatic access" and click "Next: Permissions".

Here you'll attach the AdministratorAccess policy directly to the new user and click "Next: Review".

If you prefer instead of adding administrator access, you can create a new inline policy with the statement in the following page:

But in the case we add more services, you would need to update the permissions manually.

The review page should look like this:

Click on "Create user". Now you'll have the Access Key and Secret Access Key, this will be the only time AWS will show you the Secret Access Key.

Adding AWS credentials to your account

Once in the dashboard of your Waves Hosting account, click on your name in the top right and select Settings:

Here you have to select the "Credentials" section and click "Add a new credential".

Now give the name you want to this credentials and copy-paste the Access Key and Secret Access Key.

That's it! You are ready to deploy your apps.

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